Always a bit better:

The success story of 

the Hotel & Restaurant Goldener Pflug

Now has a ten-year success story. In the past, the team of the Goldener Pflug has always tried to offer its guests an ever better service and to have the right solution ready for every requirement. This will continue to be the case in the future.



Bettina and Wilhelm Köhle had been toying with the idea of taking over the former Hotel Stahl and restaurant at Dorfstraße 4–6 for a long time. "We saw potential in the location," recalls the senior couple. "Our son Christian was 14 years old at the time, and his professional career was still uncertain. In 1998 we celebrated his confirmation in the baroque room, which is still very popular today. Secretly, our interest in the object was already aroused on this day.« Six years later, in the spring of 2004, the Köhle couple entered into negotiations with the Stahl sisters, the owners at the time. Christian Köhle, now 20 years old, had completed an apprenticeship as a banker and gained some experience in the catering industry. "The best conditions to take over a hotel and restaurant," say Bettina and Wilhelm Köhle.


In August 2004, Köhle-Hotel-Betriebs GmbH was founded with Christian Köhle as Managing Director. The opening on October 1, 2004 was approaching. "Dress rehearsal was a pre-celebration of the renovated house," recalls Christian Köhle. "There were many guests who raved in the highest tones during the tour of the new hotel and restaurant Goldener Pflug. It was a great success.«



Already at Christmas, the Goldene Pflug got its first damper. "We underestimated the rush of guests," recalls the Köhle family. »There were considerable delays and long waiting times in the restaurant.« Unfortunately, word of this had spread quickly – in a negative sense – so that the plough had to overcome a longer dry spell. "But as you know, there is also an opportunity in every crisis," emphasizes Managing Director Christian Köhle. "Of course, we quickly learned from these mistakes. Since then, we have only been working in a two-shift system on public holidays and public holidays. At this point, I would also like to thank our guests, who have remained loyal to us from the very beginning.«

Fortunately, word has also gotten around that you can not only stay well in the Golden Plough, but also eat excellently with professional and friendly service and spend nice hours. This also aroused the interest of companies in the beautiful guest rooms. The recently newly created parking lot and the service apartment had to give way to new rooms and other event rooms. After the Ludwigsburg municipal council had approved the hotel extension with underground parking in the summer of 2006, the excavators moved in again. The Golden Plough continued to grow and dressed up again. The extension was completed in March 2007 and was occupied in Pflugfelden the evening before confirmation.

"It would be so easy if everything went without unforeseen complications," says Christian Köhle. Because, he says, on that night from Saturday to Sunday, a car drove into the new annex. This horror news had spread like wildfire in ploughfields. The rooms as well as the new bar had been so badly damaged that the planned confirmation celebrations could not take place, it said. "On that Sunday, the churchgoers made a pilgrimage to see for themselves the situation," recalls Christian Köhle. "The fact was that the car didn't turn the corner at excessive speed. Fortunately, nothing had happened to the driver, but nothing had happened to the attachment either. The celebrations took place as planned. They were not affected."



The summer of 2007 marks another highlight in the company's history. The German Hotel and Restaurant Association DE-HOGA awards the Goldener Pflug four stars. "In the summer of 2013, the stars were confirmed for the third time for another three years," emphasizes Christian Köhle. »The constant investments and innovations have paid off.«

With Christian Köhle's wife Claudia, the team receives reinforcement and support in 2010 wherever there is »need for women«. In 2011 and 2012 the sons Sebastian and Benjamin were born. "Maybe two potential successors," says Christian Köhle. Because, he says: "We hope that in the future the third generation of our family will also steer the fate of the Golden Plough."

The Team

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